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'Inside, Embers Glow' is a collection of earthtone9’s aural communiqués from 1998-2002’. Drawing from all three of their acclaimed albums (plus the two EPs), it’s a definitive statement from one of the UK’s most adventurous bands. The digipack version is a collectors edition with artwork from Sam Hayles (Dose Prod).

1 Evil Crawling I

2 Tat Twam Asi

3 I Nagual Eye

4 Revelation

5 lo-definition discord

6 Vitriolic HSF

7 PRD Chaos

8 Approx Purified

9 0...0...0....

10 Withered

11 Offkilter

12 Star Damage (For Beginners)

13 Amnesia

14 Alpha-Hi

15 Simon Says

16 Binary 101